Meditation for the Unconverted

Robert Wright’s piece on the New York Times’ Happy Days blog has been an immense hit in the Buddhist blogging community (see here, here, here and here). I appreciate his approach of speaking positively about meditation from the perspective of the “converted outsider” (If this sounds crazy to you, you should hear how crazy it sounds to me. I’m not the weed-hugging type, I assure you.)

But it was his mention of a song that struck the deepest chord with me.

Yes, the payoff was huge. But it’s unlikely to be as big this time around. It’s famously hard to replicate the rapture of your first meditation retreat. Last time, during the first half of the week, my apparently prescient unconscious mind kept filling my head with that old song by Foreigner, “It feels like the first time, like it never will again.” I’ve never especially liked that song, and during those first few days it joined the list of things I hated.

On my last retreat I had this song stuck in my head for the first six days. Don’t ask me why (I don’t know!) but Day 7 was truly amazing.

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  1. I, too, have had the song in the head problem at retreats. I think it was some old Moody Blues or something. It is never a song you actually like though. 🙂

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