Those hopeless Cambodian heathens

Over the past week I haven’t made much time for blogging. But I still read the feeds, and I saw a post on Cambodia: Details are Sketchy this morning, which really touched my (Angry Asian Buddhist) heart.

They sure are lucky the white people are here to save them.

“After 24 hours of travel – starting in Rocklin and ending in Battambang, Cambodia – not counting layovers, our team has settled into life and ministry in Cambodia. Even though our afternoon activities were rained out today we have already visited two local churches in the Battambang area where we shared testimonies, sang, prayed, made some crafts, and just had fun and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Their stories are inspiring to us and we hope we have been an encouragement to them.

After church on Sunday we climbed 358 steps to visit the ruins of a Buddhist temple on top of a local mountain. We were glad to learn more about the beliefs of the Cambodian people but we were also reminded of the hopeless situation of those many people who have yet to put their trust in Jesus Christ.

Poor little suckers, all brown and poor and heathened.

5 Replies to “Those hopeless Cambodian heathens”

  1. ugghhhh….it must be getting crowded in Cambodia, what with all the white saviours (Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Scientologists??) out to save the hapless Cambodians :0

  2. I do not think that anyone is trying to “save” the Cambodians……Some people have good intentions but do not act on them in the wisest manner…There are ignorant people in all countries and cultures……The Cambodians are wise, but conditioned by factors that breed corruption and ignorance, just like we all can be……..

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