Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award

djbuddha was kind enough to award us the Honest Scrap Award a few weeks ago, but it’s taken us some time to communicate and post about this ourselves. There are three rules that go along with this award: (1) brag about it, (2) chose a minimum of seven blogs that we find brilliant, and (3) list ten honest things about ourselves. Since this is a group blog, we’ve decided to divide up the labor. This has taken a while, and for the sake of our own sanity, we’re keeping this short and sticking to the rules as best we can. We all brag. We each listed two blogs we find brilliant, for a total of eight. Finally, we each gave you three honest tidbits about ourselves, for a total of twelve. Thanks, Scott!


arunlikhati: Yes!
John: I would like to confirm that, as has been reported, the award is made out of a variety of precious heavy metals. Its construction approaches classical beauty, while maintaining a gentle masculinity. It is also real big.
kudos: kudos to Dharma Folk!
(Oz has decided to brag by attaching the shiny prize to this post.)

Brilliant Blogs (alphabetically by first letter)

A Bhikkhu’s Blog
I think this blog speaks for itself. I actually do not spend a lot of time reading Buddhist writing, but this sincere collection of thoughts on practice sets itself apart.

dhamma musings
What a treasure to find a monk-scholar with a regularly updated blog! There have been a couple times that I’ve disagreed strongly with Ven. Dhammika, and even taken strong offense at his words. But as for the overwhelming majority of the time, I read his blog, nod my head and learn so much. Although I think the blog could use some better paragraph formatting, I wouldn’t change anything else.

Early Retirement Extreme
Exactly as the title says: it’s about the “why?” and “how?” as well as the “what now?”

Geoffery Chaucer Hath a Blog
Sometimes writing with a conceit can be much more honest than expressing hopes and dreams in the first person. This a blog written as Geofffery Chaucer in Middle English. The intention to create such a thing seems so pure and delightful to me.

Illusory Flowers in an Empty Sky
I would probably never join his Sangha, and I don’t read his blog as often as I should. But he has said so many things that have struck me as truly insightful. Or, simply, brilliant.

New Pages Blog
Great information and insight on reading and writing.

Only in it for the Gold
Great posts about climate science and reframing the climate change debate. Skeptics beware.

Stuff Asian People Like
I think this speaks for itself. Be prepared to giggle.

Honesty (alphabetical by last word)

  1. I like alliterations. (Oz)
  2. I’m Asian – if you didn’t figure it out already. (kudos)
  3. I wonder what our future will look like in the communication age when everyone has a past that belongs to the public. I am worried because I would like very much to be able to forget the people I’ve been. (John)
  4. I rarely swear, least of all while driving. (arunlikhati)
  5. To me, blogging is a long, contemplative process that can’t be forced, kind of like taking a dump. (kudos)
  6. When I have a free weekend I like to attempt labor and time intensive recipes I have never tried before, and then vow to make them less wonky in the future. (John)
  7. I talk a lot, which is probably why I blog a lot. (arunlikhati)
  8. It is a dream of mine to perform shoddy music in front of others. (John)
  9. I usually feel laconic and straightforward. As a reflection of that, writing is usually inspired in sparse spurts. (Oz)
  10. With that said (see #5), some of my best ideas, for writing in general, come to me when I’m sitting on the toilet. (kudos)
  11. I am Jewish and white. (arunlikhati)
  12. I meditate less than it may appear through my writing. (Oz)

Update: Some confusion relating to the first version of this post. kudos kindly edited and published this post, but my name went in the byline since I’d opened the draft. I’ve since deleted the first paragraph and my comment in response.