Happy Vesak!

Today is the day we celebrate Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinibbana. This holiday is often accompanied by plenty of temple visits and merit making. (Temple hopping?) You’ll find me over at Dharma Vijaya this evening and Metta Forest Monastery tomorrow. Great events and lots of great food!

If you happen to live in the LA metro area, mark your calendars for the Southern California University Buddhist Association’s annual Vesak festival on May 23!

Vesak 2009

This event will also be a great opportunity to get autographed copies of books by Don Farber, which I hear will be sold there!

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  1. Hi, arunlikhati. I recently wrote an academic paper that was largely an analysis of your blog posts here. I would love to send it to you and get your reactions.

    No need to “approve” this comment — just shoot me an e-mail, and I will send you the paper to read.

  2. Hello arunlikhati,

    Is it possible to contact you privately?

    I have some questions for you.
    (I have some things with which to bug you with comes to closer to the truth, I’m afraid. 🙂


  3. southern california university buddhist association? I think i heard of that group before–jont with irvine and riverside folk right? I wonder why their name is not listed in that image?

  4. oh yeah, i’ve heard of them too. maybe its for the same reason that UCLA is also not listed in that image (besides the location). i think by putting “southern california university buddhist association”, all three schools are represented, right?

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