Vietnamese Theravada Temples

Many thanks to Oz, I finally found a Vietnamese Theravada temple in Southern California. On top of that, when searching for the temple address, I found a list of all Vietnamese Theravada temples on Binh Anson’s website.

The Vietnamese word for Theravada is Nguyên thủy, which means something along the lines of “original” or “primitive”, as in xã hội nguyên thủy (primitive society), so if you click on Binh Anson’s link, look for the term chùa Nguyên thủy ‘Theravada temple’.

Below I’ve copied the list of Vietnamese Theravada temples outside of Vietnam. Enjoy!

  • Chùa Pháp Vân, Pomona, California
  • Thích Ca Thiền Viện, Riverside, California
  • Như Lai Thiền Viện, San Jose, California
  • Chùa Phật Pháp, St Petersburg, Florida
  • Pháp Đăng Thiền Viện, Spring Hill, Florida
  • Chùa Pháp Luân, Houston, Texas
  • Chùa Đạo Quang, Garland, Texas
  • Chùa Hương Đạo, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Chùa Liên Hoa, Irving, Texas
  • Chùa Bửu Môn, Port Arthur, Texas
  • Chùa Kỳ Viên, Washington DC
  • Bát Nhã Thiền Viện, Montréal, Québec
  • Chùa Kỳ Viên, Paris, France
  • Chùa Phật Bảo, Paris, France

Again, follow the link above to get addresses and contact information, although there are some typos. For example, “3 rue de Broca, Savigny-sur-Orges” should be “3 rue Brocca, Savigny-sur-Orge”.

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I would like to do some volunteer work helping the elderly to work with computer skill or english lesson. I dont know where to start.

    I lived in Garland, Tx which is 5 mile outside of Dallas, Tx.

    thank you.

  2. hi arunlikhati, i just stumbled upon this blog and really enjoyed reading your entries. i also practice Theravada Buddhism although i grew up in the vietnamese Mahayana (Pure Land) tradition. i’m actually planning on spending some time in a forest monastery in thailand next year. the existence of vietnamese Theravadins really fascinates me (for obvious reasons) – would love to chat with you and others further about this topic. please keep up the awesome and thoughtful posts! may you be happy , well, and at peace.

  3. Thien: Thanks for your comments! Sorry for taking so long to reply to your post. I sadly haven’t made the time to go back to Thích Ca Thiền Viện since my first trip there. Nevertheless, if you happen to live in the Southern California area, I think you might enjoy it. It’s about a two hour drive from the coast, but if you call them in advance, they have a room where you can spend the night. They are also serious meditators, but it’s still not quite the same as going to a forest monastery in Thailand.

  4. tai Viet nam co he thong theravada tu doi rat xua , anh vua nha tran nhap niet ban mac ao ycasa , phia nam phia bac cung co chua nam truyen , cac phat tu cung di le nam truyen sau sac
    in Vietnam from ancient Theravada system, the ceiling in the photo king wear ycasa nirvana, south to the north also contains male transmission, the Buddhist ceremony also went deep south transmission

  5. Finally,I did find out the address of Chùa Pháp Đăng Thiền Viện of Spring hill,Fl under Coporation:PHAP DANG MEDITATION,INC…16805 Jetson Dr,Spring Hill,Fl 34610
    This weekend,i try to visit there ..And prayer for peace.

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