The Ground of Inspiration

Having spent a goodly amount of time amongst all manner of Buddhist traditions, the academic part of me keeps coming back to the startling similarities that we all share.

However, oddly enough, it is that emotional part of myself, the emphatic part, the part that is moved, that brings me back and back again to the startling difference between traditions and from within the pool of practitioners of varied character in any community. And this, I think, is the difference: Though we may all walk the same path, we are propelled by a myriad of forces – we are dividedly inspired.

This is what inspires me.

I am inspired by change – by the power of Buddhism to transform. To me, the security of Karma is the instability of any situation, not the building up of treasures.

I am inspired by what is simple, by the conviction that the beginnings of a great man lie in commitment more than in understanding, by the belief that the Dharma is so true and so inherent in the way things are that its attainment comes from the courage to see what must be true over and in spite of all that you are told is true.

I am inspired by what is open, what is equal, the Dharma that keeps no secrets and does not choose favorites – but offers itself trustingly and without malleability to all living beings.

I am inspired by those who are tethered lightly to this world, on faint fibers for the sake of compassion. I am inspired by those who see everything as beautiful rather than knowing the finest and the most proper things. I am inspired by those who have attained the goal for which we practice the holy life.

This is what inspires me.