A Meditator in the Garden

Statue of Jizo (NYTimes)
A garden statue of Jizo

More confessions: I am one of those liberal junkies who has the New York Times set as my homepage. And this is why I was pleasantly surprised when when I turned on my computer and my browser opened with Dharma in the Dirt as the feature article for the New York Times.

I’m not used to seeing mention of Buddhism in the news media. And when it is, it’s sometimes a little off target. (If you follow the previous link, note the correction at the bottom of the page.) There are many more opinions about advertising and misuse of images on other blogs.

The article is about Wendy Johnson, a former Green Gulch resident, and her organic garden. I enjoyed this article because (aside from my love for gardening) it didn’t put Buddhism front and center, but as a backdrop. Like other gardeners, I was curious as to how a Buddhist practitioner deals with garden pests. How do you deal with snails and slugs? But you’ll have to read that for yourself…

It’s also worth checking out the great slide show!