European Buddhists

Ven. Shravasti Dhammika has an interesting recent post about Europe’s native Buddhists. If you’ve never heard of the Kalmyks, well guess what: they’re also Tibetan Buddhists!

Kalmyk Buddhists

Western Buddhist literature is most likely to focus on majority-Buddhist regions of the world, such as Thailand and Burma, but there are in fact many countries where there are large Buddhist communities that constitute a very small minority. Situated not far from where the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held, Kalmykia is one such community.

Georgia on my mind

It’s been 11 days since the South Ossetia war began between Georgia and Russia, and the only thing that Tricycle Blog has to say about this conflict is a snide comment that implies McCain might not know the difference between “Georgia with Tblisi, not Atlanta.” Otherwise, not one word. Indeed, there’s been ethnic cleansing. We have a powerful oppressor weighing down on a small nascent democracy. There are even Buddhists nearby. So what’s stopping the ink?

Oh yes, if only they were Buddhists.

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