Round and round we go

Members of my generation will remember from their childhood the Power Rangers. In fact, the American television series is still with us as I recently found out the original season was being broadcasted last year, and that there are plans to renew the show with a 19th season.

I loved the Power Rangers. I recall watching the show at every chance, eagerly anticipating the two movies as they premiered, and reenacting scenes with my companions. Most tangibly, I remember playing with my Green Ranger action figure. Readers of my generation may disagree, but the Green Ranger was the most badass of them all. Originally conceived as a foil to the five rangers (Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black), he eventually overcame the wickedness gripping through his mind and joined the group in combating evil.

Playing with my Green Ranger figurine meant hours of fun, either by myself or with my friends as we joined forces. This was cool. Even when not playing with the toy, I arranged it to strike a pose as we waited until the next time.
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Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award

djbuddha was kind enough to award us the Honest Scrap Award a few weeks ago, but it’s taken us some time to communicate and post about this ourselves. There are three rules that go along with this award: (1) brag about it, (2) chose a minimum of seven blogs that we find brilliant, and (3) list ten honest things about ourselves. Since this is a group blog, we’ve decided to divide up the labor. This has taken a while, and for the sake of our own sanity, we’re keeping this short and sticking to the rules as best we can. We all brag. We each listed two blogs we find brilliant, for a total of eight. Finally, we each gave you three honest tidbits about ourselves, for a total of twelve. Thanks, Scott!

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SSfS: The yellowest blessing

I love the Dharma dearly, but sometimes I feel uneasy about the free ride that Buddhism gets from those who are prone to religious criticism. As reasonable and rational as it is, Buddhism has a very aspects which are just as silly as those found in other religions. There are times when I fear that the generally positive perception that so many people have about Buddhism is going to eventually swing the other way, and swing far. In some extreme corners this is already happening.

But I want to do my part; I want to defend against the backlash, and have good fun in doing it. Which is why I present:

Silly Stories from Samsara:
When Buddhism lacks mindfulness

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