We are Buddhist folk who are interested in sharing our practice. We also like the internet. Clearly, for us this is the best of both worlds.

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  1. Dear Dharma friends,
    We are very happy to inform you that our iphone app “Daily Buddhist Prayers” has been approved by Apple and can now be downloaded from the itunes App store.

    This app simplifies our daily prayers. Putting it on iPhone, user can read or hear the prayers anytime and anywhere they like. Keeping the Dharma Community in mind, we have also included audio guide to the app. The audio guide was recorded by a Drepung Gomang monk and is very clear and concise.

    Please visit buddhistapps.com to download the app or search for “Daily Buddhist Apps” in itunes.

  2. We have placed a link to your site on our new blog.


    (you will need to paste the link in your browser).

    We are collecting Buddhist prayers and chants and would like to provide a resource for anyone interested in Buddhist prayers. I would appreciate it if you placed this link on your site.



  3. Dear Dharma Folk,

    Thanks for presenting this interesting and inclusive blog.

    Ben Howard


  4. The 1918 Shikoku Pilgrimage of Takamure Itsue: an English translation of Musume Junreiki

    For any of your readers who are interested in the Shikoku pilgrimage to 88 Buddhist temples, I’d like them to know that there’s now an English translation available of the 105 newspaper articles that Takamure Itsue wrote when she made her pilgrimage. They are fascinating–she was considered capable of healing by some of the people she met and her fellow pilgrims were the outcasts of Japanese society. The book can be ordered from Amazon. Look for The 1918 Shikoku Pilgrimage of Takamure Itsue: an English translation of Musume Junreiki.

  5. ‘A Servant of One’
    A servant of One’s master
    Is the Servant of One’s law
    The obedience to One’s state
    Is an obedience to One’s law
    The servant of One’s law
    Is the inevitability of One’s own outcome
    A single balancing of the inevitable creation
    A servient cause born of a single occurrence
    Is the inevitable cause of all reincarnations
    Not to be interpreted as anything other than
    The Freedom of Choice

  6. Hi Dharma folk. I’ve subscribed to your wonderful blog! I’m Hindu, and “dharma” is a hindu term that I think means beliefs and righteousness. Our religions are closely related, so I’m very happy to visit this amazing blog!

  7. I am a Buddhist rapper and I’m reaching out to fellow Buddhists with the hopes of spreading a positive message through hip hop and I think your Dharma Folk blog might be a cool place to start. If you are interested you can check out my music here http://www.skillfulmethods.com/a-cultivator/ I hope all is well with you and I look forward to hearing back from you when you get the chance. Thanks!

    Many Blessings,

  8. Good morning,

    I am a volunteer for Tibetan Aid Project and Nyingma Trust in Berkeley, CA. Buddha’s Englightenment (Saga Dawa Duchen) on June 15th is coming up, and I’m trying to get the word out there for folks to send in prayer requests. All energy and intentions are magnified 10 million times during the Tibetan Saga Dawa, and we want to help others by praying for their intentions and needs. http://nyingmatrust.org/NyingmaTrustWalks/trustWalk.html

    Any plug would be helpful. 8^)

    Om Ah Hum

  9. Great website. Definitely subscribing.

    I’m a former U.S. Marine who studied in the Buddhist monasteries of Sri Lanka, and I’ve started a new blog called “Buddhism for Tough Guys” at http://www.buddhismfordudes.blog.com. I write for and about responsible MEN who find or seek strength in Buddhist wisdom to deal with life rather than hide from it. Perhaps I can contribute an article to your excellent site.


    Gerry Stribling

  10. Hi there,

    I’m Sofan Chan a painter and I came across your very informative blog and I was wondering if you would like to use any of my Buddha paintings on your blog posts. You will find them here, http://www.theartofhappiness.net/buddha-paintings.htm

    I love your posts and they are truly inspiring. If you do decide to use any of the photos of my paintings, please just put a small credit on my behalf. You could link the image back to my site, http://www.theartofhappiness.net/buddha-paintings.htm or whatever credit you like to put.

    Thank you for your time and I am hoping for your positive response.

    Sofan Chan

  11. (Firstly, I apologize if I already sent this email to you. Unfortunately we had a computer problem here and I don’t know who I have already contacted. Please accept my apologizes if I already emailed you about this.)

    Hi there, Dharma Folk, and “Sawadee Kha” as we say in my home country of Thailand.

    This is Srisuda Hongthai from The Buddha Garden and I wanted you to know that we are conducting a survey on Buddhism in America in the ten years since the 9/11 Tragedies, since many people found solace in the teachings of Buddhism after 9/11. The survey is at:


    Wouldn’t it be great to know why so many people become interested in Buddhism after the 9/11 attacks? Does Buddhism still play a role in their lives ten years after the attacks? How do the attitudes of new Buddhists differ from those who were Buddhists before 9/11?

    No matter how long you have been interested in Buddhism, we encourage you to take this survey yourself.

    We also kindly ask that you will join other webmasters like you by telling your readers about the survey and encouraging them to take it as well. You would be doing a great service to the Dharma community.

    Will you kindly let us know if you will be joining hundreds of like-minded bloggers and webmasters by linking to the survey, or mentioning it on FaceBook or Twitter?

    Thank you, and Sawasdee Kha,

    Srisuda Hongthai
    The Buddha Garden

    (Again, I apologize if I already sent this email to you. It’s been a crazy week here with our computer problems.)

  12. we have a hindu-muslim unity blog called dharmadeen.com that you may be interested in. if you know of any quotes from buddha that we can share regarding interfaith harmony please let us know. thanks!

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